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So who are we?


We are Yuval Ben-Nun and Oded Yaron, Parashei Tarnegolei Halaila aka N.c.K. We established our business 18 years ago right after design school , Oded studied interior design at HIT (Hulon Institute of Technology) And Yuval studied product design at Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts. Oded manages the business side of the studio and Yuval is the chief designer of the company.
NcK is a dynamic Design and Production Agency, located in sunny Tel-Aviv, Israel. We deal in a field we christened as Brand Materialization, which explores the many aspects of transforming virtual brand worlds into “very real” products and spaces. NcK has been hard at work, since establishing itself in 1996, with contracts for many leading brands, both locally and internationally. Our “Hands On” attitude with in-house integration and assembly facilities put an emphasis on superior product detail, thus providing our clients with distinctly designed quality products, all combined with our warm and personal service.
Feel free to contact us with any question you may have, and we will be more than happy to assist you.
The studio, located in the heart of the bustling industrial area of south Tel-Aviv includes, apart from the computerized work stations, an internal assembly and manufacturing workshop, enabeling us to design and experience through material research and actual experiments. This process really librates us in terms of creativity , giving us more freedom in the design process, what eventually results in a more innovative and interesting design. 

Name: Yuval Ben-nun

Position: Partner/Chief designer
Date of birth: ​13/12/1968
Place of residence: Tel-Aviv
Education: Product design at Bezalel

So what is the source of the name NcK - Parashei Tarnegolei Halaila?​

This is definitely the question asked most often during business meetings and once we have decided to establish this website it was clear that we will have to explain this issue once and for all. NcK is the English abbreviation to Parashei Tarnegolei Halaila - Nights Chicken Knights  The metaphor that hides behind the name reveals what is happening inside the mind of the desginer when he comes to deal with a problem that has no solution as we do here on a daily basis. The double contingency that appears here implies a strong desire to break the known cycle and wander without specific orientation to a process without a clear result. Confused? don't worry about it..

What is Design for you?
necessity. During the design process I'm trying to give the objects and the environment in which it exists the ability of channeling with humans beyond (perhaps over) verbal expression and their direct functional. Good design allows the user (or observer) to find his place in the easiest and most intuitive way but also offer excitement and invite to explore and deepen their relationship with the product.

what part of your job do you like best?
I can bring my dog ​​with me and pet him whenever I want.

Name: Oded Yaron

Position: Managing Partner
Date of birth: 08/12/1968
Place of residence:  Tel-Aviv
Education: Interior design at HIT- Hulon Institute of Technology

So what is the source of the name NcK - Parashei Tarnegolei Halaila?
Well, it doesn't translate well to English but ​It's like a minimalist poetry that represents us in the most concise manner.

The name is a glimpse of where we started, with the stand we had on N.Benjamin street where we sold gifts made from industrial waste that we salvaged (cough) from construction sites around the city.

What is Design for you?
The word that has been eroded to death is for me the ability to penetrate to the heart of someone else and make him feel the way I want him to feel through his encounter with the product that I have created. Design is an encounter of forms, materials and production technologies that tell a story without words.

what part of your job do you like best?
See how a doodle on paper or a drawing on a computer appear in real material. This transition from idea to physical reality moves me every time.


Thanks Talia, my dear wife and children Aya, Yochai Ruta and Michael for their support and love.

So what is Brand Materialization?


We do not need to tell you that we live in a world dominated by brands. In our view each brand is built on a collection of promises, based on the various 2D & 3D encounters we have had with the brand. When we encounter a violation of those promises, through a disappointing meeting with a physical representation of the brand, that violation will leave us very disappointed.

Here in NcK we bring to life the promises of brands around their existence in the actual world, real world substance of materials and shapes.



So what is the POS brand experience?


People go to points of sale all kinds of reasons. Either it is on their way to somewhere they need to get to, or because they need to acquire a service or product that they can't do without, or as part of the modern rituals that modern men have created for themselves they are specifically going out to a POS for a "buying experience", an experience that's suppose raise their spirits. When arriving to a POS that is a real place, our bodies and senses, evolved through thousand years of evolution, work hard, filtering and experiencing the various elements around them. Because of our experienced awareness we know automatically filter any commercial "items" that are "Flat", "boring" and "Banal". On the other hand we are very alert to receive and absorb everything that inspires us and bring our senses some innovation. When a positive encounter such as this, with a branded commercial element is experienced a seed is sown, a seed that will strengthen the positive relationship with the brand ,which in the long term will ultimately lead to an increase in sales for that brand.



So how do we do it?


In NcK have the ability to translate the virtual world of brands to a true functional and physical existence of the brand.

Sometimes the solution will be a practical one and in other times it will be all about image. In any case we can take the brief and the 2D brand language and translate those to a true brand experience. From a Sign seen from a distance to Packaging or an interactive product touched by the customer, these are all means to the consumer's hearts and souls.

In NcK we tell the stories of brands through the evidence of their actual presence, a presence that digs deep both into the brand world of shapes colors and values as well as technical solutions production capabilities and those dreadful budgetary limitations.

As designers we sit on the seam between the imaginary world of the brands and the actual physical process of manufacturing with its sometimes overwhelming complexity. Only with this understanding we can ensure that the detailed work plan for our solutions takes into consideration all of the various production processes. Our goal as designers is to make products and spaces that will inspire consumers.

Our existence as a business and the expertise we have accumulated since our foundation in 1996 allows us to give the companies we work with both in Israel and worldwide a level of creativity that is in a different league altogether.


In conclusion we will be happy to add you to our customers and create a new partnership.

Hopefully together we can materialize the future of your brand.


So, don't be shy and drop us a line.

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